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TEAMS (Thinking Effectively About Mood Swings)

The TEAMS (Thinking Effectively About Mood Swings) trial is a study investigating a new cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of bipolar disorder. The aim of this trial is to evaluate this type of CBT for people with bipolar disorder against treatments that are normally given in clinical care. Comparing the outcomes of these two groups helps us to evaluate if the TEAMS approach leads to better results than what is already on offer in routine care. Participants are followed up over an 18 month period. The study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research’s Research for Patient Benefit Programme (RfPB) and has been developed from years of research studies, clinical practice, and talking to people with bipolar disorder.

TEAMS – Think Effectively About Mood Swings – is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), tailored for people with bipolar disorder. The therapy focuses on the thinking and behavior patterns that might be involved in mood swings in order to find a shared understanding about problematic or distressing experiences, such as depressed mood, irritability and anxiety. It is a one to one therapy where the therapist and client work together collaboratively with the aim of helping people to achieve their important life goals.


The trial is led by Dr Warren Mansell and Dr Sara Tai of The University of Manchester.


The TEAMS trial are no longer recruiting new participants. The study was completed in August 2015 and we will be publishing the results soon, alongside our plans to disseminate TEAMS and continue the research.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and referred into the trial.
For more information please contact Warren Mansell at

You can read more about the TEAMS trial in the protocol which has been published in the Trials journal HERE
Visit the TEAMS website HERE