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CBT: Phase 4

This phase involves summarising the work done in CBT and consolidating gains made and goals achieved. It also involves understanding the process by which changes occurred.
This will often be across the final 2 or 3 sessions and may be revisited in booster sessions. Generally this will involve development of a plan or blueprint for relapse prevention and maintenance of gains, including a summary of useful strategies, a copy of relevant formulations and plans for monitoring and action.

Video Demonstrations:

The following resources consist of video excerpts of role plays filmed by PRU staff which aim to illustrate the relevant processes, principles and strategies within each phase. Where relevant, these videos are supplemented by descriptions and formulations that were shared with the ‘client’.

Relapse prevention

The therapist and client discuss relapse prevention to help the client maintain the progress they have made in therapy.

4.1 Formulation for relapse prevention