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Emma De Paola

Research Assistant

Emma De Paola, a dedicated Research Assistant, plays a crucial role in the Talking with Voices II Trial, focusing on liaison, recruitment, and assessments. Her journey into this role stemmed from her previous position as the Assistant Clinical Research Practitioner for JUICE, the Youth Mental Health Research Unit, and C-TRU, the Complex Trauma and Resilience Research Unit. In these roles, Emma provided invaluable recruitment support across various studies within GMMH (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust).


Emma’s academic journey flourished at The University of Leeds, where she earned a BSc honours degree in Psychology in July 2022. It was during her undergraduate years that Emma developed a keen interest in neurocognitive research. Her major project, which delved into geographical, racial, and economic biases across EEG studies, showcased her dedication to understanding complex psychological phenomena. Additionally, Emma’s curiosity extended to developmental and educational psychology, particularly focusing on the impact of learning disorders on childhood language acquisition.


Beyond academia, Emma De Paola demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility. She dedicated her time to serving as a primary and secondary school tutor for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This experience not only provided her with a unique perspective but also reinforced her belief in the interplay between social and economic factors and educational outcomes.


Emma’s passion for advocacy is evident in her leadership role as President of The University of Leeds LGBT+ Society. Under her guidance, the society flourished, garnering recognition as the Best Welfare Society at the university. This experience solidified Emma’s commitment to LGBT+ advocacy and inspired her to integrate it into her future work in psychology. She aspires to explore the relationship between mental health and the experiences of LGBT+ individuals, aiming to contribute positively to both fields.


In her spare time, Emma enjoys active weekends full of walks in nature and seeing friends. She also has a love for all things cooking and baking – especially bread!