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Talking With Voices

Talking with Voices

Talking With Voices (TwV) is a feasibility study that has received funding from the NIHR and is currently in its recruitment phase. Its aim is to investigate whether an intervention that involves direct dialoguing with voices by a therapist is an acceptable, feasible and potentially effective treatment option for adults with a diagnosis of psychosis who hear voices that they struggle to cope with.

Talking with voices A Roleplay Demonstration 

Talking with voices: Background and purpose of the study

TwV is a new form of therapy that comes from the work of the International Hearing Voices Movement. It is based on the idea that what voices say may reflect real-life conflicts and difficulties in the life of the voice hearer. TwV believes that understanding more about the links between voices and negative events and emotions can provide useful information for helping people make sense of their experiences. In the long-term, this may also be helpful for learning new ways to cope with the voices and become less distressed by them. During sessions the therapist will ask questions out loud then ask you to listen to what the voices say and repeat their responses back. The aim of this is to understand more about how you and your voices feel about things and to use this information to help you work together to develop a more peaceful and positive relationship.


What happens if I want to take part?

Participants who consent to take part will be randomly allocated to one of two treatment arms: the psychological intervention, which offers up to 26 sessions of TwV plus standard mental healthcare; OR treatment as usual, where people receive their standard healthcare only. All participants will also be asked to take part in two research assessments (one at the start of the study and one in six months’ time) that which will involve completing a series of questionnaires. Participants will be compensated with £10 for each of these assessments.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for participants who:

1. Are aged 18 and over;
2. Have heard voices for a minimum of one year;
3. Have had no changes to medication within the past month;
4. Have a lifetime diagnosis of schizophrenia spectrum disorder;
5. Are not currently receiving any psychological therapy for psychosis;
6. Have the ability and inclination for a therapist to engage with their voices using dialoguing techniques.


How to find out more:

Click HERE for the talking with voices participant information leaflet

Click HERE for the talking with voices referrer leaflet

Click HERE for the talking with voices poster

If you would like to find out more about Talking With Voices or make a referral, pleased contact:

• Alissa Miners (Research Assistant), 07557177838
Dr Eleanor Longden (Chief Investigator): 0161 772 4642;