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y-QUIT: a resource to support people experiencing psychosis who want to stop smoking.

This is the latest addition to the RIGHT FROM THE START set of resources aiming to equip service users and families with better information and confidence to seek help about physical health from the earliest opportunity.


Why do this? Some people who experience psychosis may face a future affected not only by psychological difficulties but also by poor physical health. Smoking is a common concern – 60% of people experiencing psychosis for the first time are smokers, and 4-5 times more likely to smoke than their peers not experiencing psychosis. Supporting people with early psychosis to improve their health and fitness can help avoid future poor health. Quitting smoking is one of the best ways to do this:


  • Helps people become fitter and avoid future physical illness
  • Improves people’s mental health
  • Puts money in the pocket – saves around £3000 per year (if smoking 20/day)


One size doesn’t fit all:
this group of people are just as interested as anyone else in quitting smoking but may need support to suit their particular needs linked to their experience of psychosis and its treatment. That’s where y-QUIT comes in – to start the conversation between the service user and health professional from the mental health team or the GP surgery. Because we know that with the right support people who experience psychosis can quit smoking – find out about the SCIMITAR Study, the largest study of its kind, which shows how this can be done successfully in ‘real world’ NHS settings.

How to get your copy of y-QUIT to start the conversation.

y-QUIT – the fruit of The iphYs International Collaboration. Developed by service users and clinicians as part of the y-QUIT project of South Eastern Sydney led by Dr Jackie Curtis, we are thrilled to launch this UK version of y-QUIT (July 2019). This on-going collaboration with Australian colleagues has enabled sharing of Keeping the Body in Mind and Keeping the Teeth in Mind, similarly-developed resources led by the Psychosis Research Unit.


For a copy of the y-QUIT – leaflet please Click HERE

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