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COMPARE trial (Cognitive behavioural therapy or Medication for Psychosis – A Randomised Evaluation)

COMPARE Publication

The COMPARE trial is a pilot randomised controlled trial investigating CBT compared to antipsychotics and to a combination of both in the treatment of adults who experience psychosis.

The standard treatment for psychosis is antipsychotic medication. Antipsychotics have been proven to be helpful in reducing symptoms of psychosis for some people, however evidence suggests that many people choose to discontinue their medication due to side effects. PRU’s ACTION trial concluded that CBT can be acceptable and effective in reducing psychotic symptoms in those who choose not to take antipsychotics. Several other studies have found that CBT in addition to medication can help to reduce symptoms more than medication alone, but there is insufficient research to support one treatment over another in terms of symptom reduction.

COMPARE is the first trial to randomly allocate participants to receive either CBT (up to 25 sessions over a 6 month period), antipsychotics (as prescribed by their psychiatrist) or a combination of both. It is a pilot study aiming to assess feasibility of recruitment and research processes in order to inform a definitive trial.

We are recruiting service users who are aged 18+, currently experiencing psychosis, speak English and are in contact with secondary care mental health services. Potential participants must not have been in receipt of antipsychotic medication or structured CBT with a qualified therapist within the last 3 months.

We are taking referrals from the following NHS trusts: Greater Manchester West, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and 5 Boroughs Partnership. If you think that you / your client(s) might be interested in taking part you can download further information below:

Greater Manchester West

Referrer’s leaflet | Participant leaflet

Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Referrer’s leaflet | Participant leaflet

5 Boroughs Trust

Referrer’s leaflet | Participant leaflet


For more information about COMPARE contact Heather Law (Trial Manager), Lucy Carter (Research Assistant) at or Rachel Sellers (Research Assistant) at Alternatively you can call PRU at 0161 358 1395.


Please note that COMPARE has now reached its recruitment target and is no longer accepting new referrals!