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Leah Orme

Leah Orme

Research Assistant

Leah Orme – Research Assistant

Leah is a Research Assistant working at PRU on research that focuses on the impact of adverse life experiences and severe mental health problems. She is currently involved with two projects funded by the NIHR looking at the feasibility and efficacy of trauma-focused therapies for people with psychosis STAR and individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis (RESTART).


Leah gained her undergraduate degree reading Psychological and Behavioural Sciences from The University of Cambridge in 2017. She then went on the study for an MSc in Early Interventions in Psychosis at The Institute of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) after being awarded the NIHR Biomedical Research Scholarship in 2018.


Whilst studying for her MSc, Leah working in the private sector, producing medicolegal reports and psychological therapies such as CBT. Leah also has a number of previous years’ experience working in different clinical settings. She has spent some time working to provide EMDR to Police Officers with diagnosed PTSD under the supervision of a clinical psychologist. She has also working in community-based teams including drug and alcohol services. She has documented all of this on her Instagram blog @Leahdclinpsy.

In her spare time Leah enjoys sports such as high-intensity interval training and has more recently taking up running after setting the challenge of running the London Marathon in October 2021. Clearly the running is going somewhat well as she has since signed up to run the Paris Marathon in April 2022. Leah’s enthusiasm for sport has stemmed from her childhood of training as a synchronised swimmer, going on to train with the British Olympic team and compete nationally.


Leah is an avid lover of both consuming and creating art. Whilst living in London she spent many weekends at art galleries and paints using both acrylic and oil. She is looking forward to exploring the art that Manchester has on offer.